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BOTOX Cosmetic: Rejuvenate Your Face in 10-Minute Sessions

If you want a quick, non-invasive way to reduce signs of aging, BOTOX® Cosmetic can target frown lines, crow’s feet, and other types of wrinkles for a more youthful appearance. BOTOX uses a naturally occurring protein to temporarily reduce the muscle activity responsible for certain facial wrinkles. Because BOTOX is a short-term treatment, it also allows patients to try out results without committing to them immediately.

At Beauty Thru Health Dermatology, P.C., in Oklahoma City, OK, we offer BOTOX Cosmetic injections to rejuvenate your appearance. Dr. Clarence Wiley, Sr. personally administers all injectables to ensure you receive safe, effective treatment customized to suit your unique cosmetic needs.

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We often recommend BOTOX to minimize the appearance of lines between the eyebrows, around the nose, and at the corners of the mouth.

What Is BOTOX Cosmetic?

BOTOX is derived from botulinum toxin, a naturally-occurring substance that relaxes underlying facial muscles to produce smoother, more youthful-looking skin. Dr. Wiley may recommend BOTOX Cosmetic to address:

  • Forehead lines
  • Crow’s feet
  • Frown lines
  • Wrinkles around the mouth or neck
  • Lip lines
BOTOX works by blocking signals from the nerves to the muscles, preventing them from contracting. As a result, the overlying skin is relaxed and softened.

The Benefits of BOTOX

This treatment is a safe, quick, and effective option for rejuvenating your skin. With a few simple injections, Dr. Wiley can quickly reduce or eliminate lines and wrinkles caused by age, stress, worry, and other environmental factors.

As a bonus, both treatment and recovery are much shorter than that of surgical solutions like facelifts. In fact, there is little to no recovery time associated with BOTOX Cosmetic. You can immediately return to your normal daily activities after the 10-minute treatment session.

What to Expect during Treatment

Receiving BOTOX injections takes only a few minutes. While most patients rarely require anesthesia, we can use ice or a topical numbing cream to minimize discomfort during the treatment.

When you are ready, Dr. Wiley will use a fine needle to inject the botox directly into specific muscles. Some patients may experience a slight pinching sensation at the site of injection. The entire treatment usually takes about ten minutes, after which you can return to your normal activities.

Your Results

While you should notice a reduction of lines and wrinkles quickly after treatment, it may take three to seven days to see the full effects. If you notice any bruising or redness around the injection sites, you can minimize them by applying ice packs. Avoid rubbing the treated areas for at least 12 hours after injection and do not lie down for an hour after the procedure.

If you are unhappy with how facial lines and wrinkles affect your appearance, BOTOX Cosmetic is a quick, safe, and nonsurgical method for smoothing out your skin.

The effects of BOTOX typically last between three to four months, after which wrinkles and lines may begin to reappear. Scheduling regular appointments for re-treatment can maintain the youthful appearance of your skin. In some cases, consistent BOTOX treatments can train the underlying muscles to relax. Consequently, lines and wrinkles may appear less severe over time.

Rejuvenate Your Appearance

If you are unhappy with how facial lines and wrinkles affect your appearance, BOTOX Cosmetic is a quick, safe, and nonsurgical method for smoothing out your skin. For more information about BOTOX or the other injectable treatments we offer, contact our office online or call (405) 278-7911 to speak to a member of our team today.

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